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Grooved Maul

This is a fine East Texas half grooved maul that is super polished. It was found in Camp County, TX & measures 3  3/4" long x 2  1/4" wide.
Item# BS0026
price: $300.00



2 Celts

Here is a super pair of Celts made of fine material. They were both found at the same site in Arkansas. The large one measures 3  3/4" long x 2" wide; the small one measures 3" long x 1  5/8" wide.
Item# BS0025
price: $300.00 (for both)



Grooved Axe

Here is a beautiful hard stone 3/4 grooved axe that is very well made. It was found in Arkansas. It measures 5  3/8" long x 3" wide.
Item# BS0024
price: $300.00



Anasazi Grooved Maul & Axe

Here are 2 super pieces from the 4 corners area on a site on private property; they were found together. The maul measures 5  1/2" long x 2  3/4" wide. It's fully grooved and made from a granite type material. The axe measures 4  7/8" long x 2  1/4" wide. It's fully grooved and shows lots of use ware.
Item# BS0023
price: $350.00 (for both)



Incised Stone or Calendar Stone

This was found in Kerr County, TX by the late Rick Sparkman. Special double grooved; rare. It measures 3  1/2" in diameter.
Item# BS0022
price: $225.00



Abraiding Stone

Here is a very large abraiding stone found in Kendall County, TX. It has several braiding points. It measures 3  1/4" long x 6  1/2" wide x 1" thick.
Item# BS0021
price: $75.00



Abraiding Stone

Here is a classic piece found in Kerr County, TX. The material is some type of red/brown quartz. Both sides have multiple abraiding points. It measures 3  1/4" long x 3  1/4" wide x 1/2" thick.
Item# BS0020
price: $100.00



Boat Stone

Here is an absolute killer of a boat stone. The material is a semi translucent calcite. It was dug in Goliad County, TX off the San Antonio river & measures 4  1/8" long x 1" wide.
Item# BS0017
price: $1,850.00



Anasazi Bone Awl

Here is an awl that was dug on a private ranch in the 4-Corners area (AZ, CO, NM, UT). It's a polished killer. It measures 8" long x 3/4" wide.
Item# BS0016
price: $500.00



Paint Bowl

This is a rare, incredible paint bowl with red & yellow ochre. This piece exhibits use around the top lip. Inside, there is still visible pigment yellow ochre & on the bottom is red. You can see where they were scratching it off. This is by far the finest paint bowl I've seen from Texas. It was found in Bexar County along the Salado Creek with bird points.
Item# BS0015
price: $1,400.00



Abraiding Stone

Here is a really cool & rare abraiding stone from the Atascosa County, TX sand pit. It has small notches around 3/4 of the edge. It's made of sandstone & measures 3  5/8"L x 2  1/2"W x 1/2"D.
Item# BS0014
price: $225.00



Rose Quartz Waco Sinker

Here is a great rose quartz Waco sinker from Coryell County, TX. The rose quartz is nice with perfect symetry. It measures 1  1/16"L x 1  7/16"W.
Item# BS0013
price: $150.00



Quartz Celts

These are rare Texas Hill Country quartz Celts. These were both found by me on Wolf Creek around the Kerr/Gillespie County, TX line. We were hunting a plowed field finding bird points, quartz manos & these 2 Celts. They have been in my collection for 20 years. The long one measures 3  13/16"L x 1  3/4"W x 7/8"D. The small one measures 3  1/4"L x 1  5/8"W x 1"D.
Item# BS0011
price: $1,850.00


Green Bead/Pendant

This is a very unique piece with use-wear and polish. The material looks slate/sepentine. It was found in South, TX & measures 1" x 0.75".
Item# BS0010
price: $100.00


Abraiding Stone

This is a super example of an abraiding stone made of limestone/flint. Found in 1966 by Kelly Morris in Harper, TX (Kimble County). It measures 2.5 x 2".
Item# BS0008
price: $250.00


Calendar Stone

This is the finest calender stone I've ever owned & I really don't want to sell it. It is double-sided, which is rare. It was found off Wolf Creek in Gillespie County, TX. It measures 3.63 x 1.75".
Item# BS0007
price: $1000.00


Game Ball

This game ball is made of pecked limestone. It measures 2.25".
Item# BS0005
price: $100.00


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